Face-to-Face Project with Premier FMCG

Get to know businesses in the Vaal Triangle - Premier Foods

The Golden Triangle Chamber of Commerce had a very insightful visit at Premier FMCG in Vanderbijlpark on 7 May 2018.

We had the opportunity to get to know the business better.  It was such an experience to see all the hard work that goes into manufacturing our daily products.

Premier FMCG is a well-established business located in Vanderbijlpark. The Company was founded in 1820.  Premier FMCG produces over 500 million loaves of bread per annum from their 16 bakeries situated in 9 provinces as well as Lesotho and other regions.  Premier has a rich history in Milling right from the very beginning with the first flour mill being built in Port Elizabeth more than 130 years ago. Today, Premier has 5 wheat mills and 2 maize mills strategically located in South Africa and Swaziland to ensure optimal supply with a total capacity of 800 000 tons of wheat and 600 000 tons of maize per annum. 

It was such a privilege to visit Premier FMCG - We look forward to a very successful business relationship in the future.

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