Council approval for joint ELM/Business customer centre expected soon

Council approval to establish a ground-breaking joint Business Customer Centre in Emfuleni - to unlock huge outstanding revenue for local service delivery and to remove barriers to business and regional investment - is expected this week, according to informed sources.

This comes against a backdrop of several businesses and the local authority standing together in the Johannesburg High Court to prevent electricity bulk supplier Eskom from
arbitrarily cutting off electricity to Emfuleni through bulk blockades.  The dedicated business centre proposal is a joint effort by the Golden Triangle Chamber of Commerce (GTCoC) and the Emfuleni Local Municipality (ELM) to fast-track and prioritise problems confronting business with regard to interaction with local government and vice versa.

Both the business sector and ELM have issues with each other which affect services and sustainable revenue generation and flow - vital revenue from the business sector is not reaching local government which in turn affects ability to pay Eskom and other suppliers.  But the GTCoC and ELM have both publicly stated their opposition to Eskom’s plans to cut power to Emfuleni, which would strangle both business and service delivery.

To date no court ruling has yet been made but Eskom has been temporarily prevented from implementing its bulk blockade plans until the court rules on the matter.  GTCoC CEO Klippies Kritzinger told Vaalweekblad he and the business community sincerely hoped that the council would approve the business centre proposal as soon as possible.

“There is huge revenue for ELM waiting to be unlocked in assisting the business community and simultaneously addressing problems business has with local government and administration which can best be handled in a one-stop location process,”said Kritzinger Kritzinger and GTCoC spokesperson Jaco Verwey - both businesspeople in their own
right - have played a pivotal role over the past few months along with ELM Municipal Manager Oupa Nkoane and CFO Andile Dyakala in developing the Business Centre proposal for council approval.

It is understood the Business Customer Centre will be situated in Vanderbijlpark and be accessible only to business and not the general public.